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Tips for planning a trip to Disney

Trip to Disney: must-haves to pack in your suitcase

Preparing a trip to the Walt Disney’s magical world requires considerable planning and certain essential items to make life easier. Here are some tips to consider before the big departure day. 

Careful planning and efficient organizing are the key to a successful trip to Disney World. It goes without saying that your children will be eternally grateful to you for bringing autograph notebooks for them to collect their favourite characters’ signatures, and that they’ll gladly sport the costumes you packed for them. For the rest, here’s a checklist to go through before zipping up your suitcase. 

1) A travel guide

 Don’t leave without a tourism guide such as this one, which includes a host of practical tips to make the most of the various Disney World parks.

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2) Themed neck pillows

 Whether you’re travelling by plane or car, there’s no doubt that the kids will have a smile on their face as they rest their heads on a neck pillow adorned with Disney characters.

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3) A travel organizer

Keep passports, airline tickets, ID cards and other important documents in this practical holder. You’ll have everything at your fingertips!e

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4) A backpack 

There’s nothing more convenient when it comes to lugging around everything you need for the day. This Osprey model fits into an ultra-compact pouch. 



5) A safety bracelet

A momentary distraction is all it takes to lose sight of a child. Keep toddlers by your side at all times with this very comfortable Velcro bracelet.

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6) Sunscreen

Opt for a lotion or cream with a high enough sun protection factor (SPF) to shield your skin adequately from the sun. In addition to containing no allergens, this Ombrelle lotion has an SPF of 45.

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7) A child ID wristband

This design features a waterproof card on which to write your child’s name, your contact information and any relevant medical information.

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8) A poncho

Don’t let the rain spoil one of your precious days in the magical world of Walt Disney! Pack some ponchos for the whole family in your backpack.

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9) A first-aid kit

No need to run to the emergency room for a scratch. This first-aid kit contains everything you need to quickly treat minor injuries. 

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10) A refreshing neck wrap

Can’t take the heat? Get a neck wrap like this one. Once soaked in cold water, it’ll keep you cool for hours.

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11) A reusable water bottle

A reusable bottle is a must in a place like Disney World, where refreshments are often highly overpriced. This 750-ml model is very practical.

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12) A hat

Visiting Disney World inevitably involves lining up under the hot sun, so be sure to bring some headgear to prevent heat stroke.



13) A fanny pack

Carry ID cards, credit cards, cash and passports safely with this compact bag that can be worn at the waist. You’ll have your hands free to go about your activities.



14) A stroller bag

If you’re planning to lug your little one’s stroller around, consider getting a carry bag like this one, which will protect it from germs and dirt.



15) A Disney suitcase

Here's a great gift for children dreaming of their first trip to Disney World: a suitcase with Minnie’s face on it.


Young and young-at-heart alike look forward to their trip to Disney, so add to the excitement by involving the whole family in the planning. Plan the itinerary together, visit hotel websites to find the one that best suits your needs and ask everyone to choose an activity that they really want to do. Excitement will be through the roof when departure day arrives.

To plan or book your trip to Walt Disney World, contact a CAA-Quebec Travel counsellor.
CAA-Quebec Travel is an authorized Disney Vacation Planner.