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Se préparer pour un festival

Getting ready for a festival

With the arrival of summer comes a lineup of festivals, much to the delight of music-lovers. Planning on hitting the stages to see your favourite artists perform? Visit the CAA-Quebec Travel Boutique website to find everything you need to enjoy these memorable events to the fullest. Here are 10 essentials that should be on your list.

1) A poncho

There’s nothing worse than a sudden downpour in the middle of a concert. Not only is this water-repellent poncho easy to put on, but it fits into a compact pouch. Slip it into your backpack to enjoy the show all the way until the end.

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2) A waterproof carry all

Water is the nemesis of cellphones and cameras, so it’s important to have a waterproof pouch to keep them dry. Since this Samsonite model is worn around your neck, you’ll have your hands free to applaud your favourite artists.

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3) A cooler

Some festivals give visitors the option to picnic on site. To keep drinks and food fresh, nothing beats a cooler, like this lovely daisy-print model with a 20-litre capacity. Great for storing all your provisions!

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4) A waist pack

The iconic 90s fanny pack is back in style. Ideal for those who want to travel light, they’re great for keeping cash and credit cards safe from pickpockets. This ultralight fabric version is a must-have.

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5) A selfie light

If you want to capture the unforgettable nights you’ll spend at festivals, plan to bring along this rechargeable light that will highlight your winning smile. It features three flattering light settings and works with all phones.

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6) A phone battery backup

Many people use their smartphones to keep in touch with their loved ones, check social networks and capture precious moments. This rechargeable battery is a must to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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7) A water bottle

Since festivals often go hand in hand with hot summer weather, you’ll want to make sure you stay well hydrated. Once there, you can refill this bottle over and over again without having to pay for water, which is often way overpriced.

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8) ID bracelets

It only takes a second of distraction to lose sight of a child. Take precautions by having them wear this Velcro ID bracelet that includes a waterproof card for essential information.

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9) A folding chair

Standing for extended periods can be hard on the back. If you want to fully enjoy the show, bring along this lightweight, compact tripod stool so you have somewhere to sit while you’re waiting for the festivities to begin.

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10) A neck wrap

Did you know that there are neck wraps that can be soaked in cold water for just a few minutes to provide a cooling effect for hours? This Lewis N’ Clark model uses crystal polymer cooling technology and can be reused about 30 times. Great for keeping cool in the summer!

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