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12 items to pack in your carry-on luggage

Your carry-on bag should contain both the necessities for a pleasant flight and an emergency kit to survive a few days if there’s an issue with your luggage once you’ve landed. It’s therefore important to plan its contents carefully and know the rules so you don’t inadvertently pack objects that are prohibited on the aircraft.

Here are 12 items specially designed to make life easier for travellers.

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1) A toiletry case 

This Jack Wolfskin model is made of a durable fabric and contains several convenient compartments for storing toiletries. You can fill it with everything you need to freshen up during the flight.

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2) A silicone bottle pouch

These are the perfect containers for carrying gels and liquids. Since the pouch is transparent and the bottle capacity doesn’t exceed the 100 ml authorized on a plane, you’ll have no problem getting through security.

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3) A change of clothes

Be sure to bring some underwear and extra clothes on the plane with you. They’ll come in handy if your checked luggage is misplaced by the airline.

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4) A swimsuit and sandals

Flying to a sun destination? Be sure to include a swimsuit and a pair of sandals in your carry-on. This way, you’ll still be able to fully enjoy the beach if your suitcase arrives at your destination a few days late.

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5) A travel guide

 Take advantage of your time in the air to learn more about the country you’re about to visit. A detailed travel guide will help you gather information on the history, customs and tourist attractions that await you.

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6) A travel journal

This Ulysse journal is ideal for keeping the details about your itinerary, writing down your impressions along the way and gathering your favourite photos. It also includes a checklist and a section to record expenses. (In French only)

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7) A travel pillow

Don’t skimp on the neck pillow you take with you on a trip. It’ll greatly contribute to your well-being and make your plane, train and car trips more comfortable.

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8) A travel blanket

Avoid additional airline fees by bringing along your own travel blanket, which will prove useful throughout your journey. 

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9) An eye shade

Do ambient noise and light keep you awake? Invest in this adjustable eye shade and ear plug set. Nothing beats it to arrive well-rested and ready to go!

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10) A reusable bottle

Water is sold at a premium once you’ve gone through security, so it’s best to plan ahead by packing this squeezable silicone bottle in your carry-on suitcase. You can fill it up and save a few precious dollars. 

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11) Earplugs

Lewis N. Clark earplugs are specially designed to reduce pressure during the altitude changes that occur on the aircraft. They fit perfectly in your ear to effectively reduce ambient noise.

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12) Antibacterial wipes

Planes are prime breeding grounds for bacteria, so it’s important to sanitize the armrests and your seat table before getting comfortable. These wipes will also allow you to disinfect your hands wherever you are.

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If you put careful thought into packing your carry-on luggage, you may be able to avoid checking any bags and waiting in long lines at check-in and baggage claim. Make sure to choose a carry-on bag that’s regulation-sized and whose shape will allow you to effectively pack your travel essentials. Remember that travelling will be much easier if you only have one suitcase to lug around.