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anti theft bag

The anti theft bag: A traveller’s best friend!

A growing number of globetrotters are turning to anti theft bags to protect their personal belongings. Here’s what you should know about this eminently practical travel accessory.


No matter if it’s on a bus or train, in a museum or on the street, no one is immune to theft. With their increasing agility and use of technology, pickpockets have become a scourge in many tourist areas. It can be risky to walk around with a backpack, which explains the increasing popularity of anti theft bags. Do what you can to protect your passport, money, credit cards and ID, computer, and smartphone against would be thieves. 

Secure travel bags

There’s no shortage of anti theft bags on the market with features that make them perfect for travellers.

• Slash proof fabric and straps

The bag has an integrated metal mesh panel that can’t be cut or slashed without some serious tools. Any straps also have an integrated metal wire, so a thief with a knife won’t be able to cut the straps or rip the fabric to get at your belongings.

• Lockable zippers

Regular zippers present an easy opening for pickpockets. That’s why exterior compartments on anti theft bags are usually equipped with lockable zippers. For maximum security, openings should be concealed and closed with metal zippers.

• RFID protection

RFID (radio frequency identification) is a sophisticated technology that allows thieves to read the information from your bank card, passport, or ID through fabric. Luckily, there are now bags and wallets with integrated RFID protection.

• Stuffed compartments

If you travel with your laptop, choose an anti theft bag designed to hold a laptop or tablet. Some even have padded compartments to cushion your devices from any blows.

Many anti theft bags are made with waterproof material and have reflective strips. These features won’t keep your bag from being stolen, but they can be very handy once you reach your destination! 

Stylish anti theft bags

These days, even the most fashion conscious traveller can find a bag to suit their style. From fanny packs to crossbody purses, money belts, wallets, and backpacks, there are literally dozens of models available. Don’t sacrifice style or comfort: take the time to shop around and find a bag that checks all your boxes. A fanny pack can be a great option at a festival, whereas someone who’s travelling without checked luggage will be looking for a spacious backpack. Equipped with the right bag, you can rest easy on your travels—whether you’re in line at a museum, on an intercity train, or just strolling through a market.

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