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Dos and don’ts for how to pack a suitcase

Do minimize wrinkles

Roll your shirts and pants instead of folding them.

Do minimize space

Roll your socks and put them in your shoes.

Don’t overpack

You can always purchase items you need at your destination or wash your clothes at a laundromat.

Do keep out the dirt

Put a shower cap over the soles of your shoes to help keep your clothes clean.

Do suck out the air

Pack sweaters and other bulky items in vacuum storage bags.

Do use every inch

Cram your underwear and bathing suits into open spaces between larger items. Get your vacation checklist.

Do keep it classy

Leave nicer attire, like dresses and suits, on hangers and lay them on top just before closing the suitcase.

Don’t pack guidebooks

Photocopy the pages you need, or better yet, use the free aaa mobile app. Visit to download.

Do plan ahead

Pack empty tote bags or plastic shopping bags for dirty laundry and souvenirs.

Do organize your jewelry

Keep smaller items like rings in a pill container and put earrings through buttons to keep pairs together.

Don’t ignore tsa regulations

If you’re traveling by plane, be aware of the items you can and cannot pack in both your checked and carry-on luggage. Read also advice on carry-on baggage.

Do get wired

Keep chargers and headphones in a sunglass case to prevent them from getting tangled.

Do carry the essentials

Keep items like medications and identifying documents in your carry-on or on your person, not in your checked luggage.

Do avoid messes

Double bag your toiletries, just in case!